Monday, August 25, 2008

The Show!

Saturday night was Girls Night Out! We saw Sara Bareilles, Maroon 5, and Counting Crows.

First up was Sara Bareilles. We caught the very end of her show. She was OK. It was her last night on the tour with Maroon 5 and they brought out wine, flowers, teddy bears, bananas and stalks of celery for her. I wasn't there when they brought it out so I am not sure why they brought out bananas & celery...LOL!!

Next up was Maroon 5. They were AMAZING, and I have a new celeb crush. He might even be at number one right next to David Cook! Adam Levine (lead singer) is hot, hot, hot!

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We like them all, but the main reason we wanted to go to this show was to see Counting Crows. Every time you hear about one of their shows, the talk is how good they are live. Unfortunately, that didn't hold true for this show. We were quite underwhelmed by their show. How can Counting Crows do a show and not sing Mr. Jones? The best part of their show was Sara Bareilles joined them.


carolynn said...

No Mr. Jones?!?!? That's crazy.

Shame on you....David won't be happy to hear the news. Adam just doesn't do it for me...but then I haven't seen him in the flesh either, LOL

Penny said...

Carolynn...LOL! I asked David, and he said he didn't mind! ;) Adam would be even hotter if he put a little meat on his bones. Seeing him in the flesh certainly raised his hot factor!