Thursday, August 14, 2008

Digital TV Conversion

Last week I took grandma to get her DTV converter box. I swear that woman is going to drive me insane with it...LOL!

The PBS station in our area isn't broadcasting digital yet so she gets some other feed for that channel. I told her she will have to watch that channel the way she used to until Sept 1 when they start broadcasting.

The remote for the converter box only controls the box and the power for the TV which had to be programmed. I was very clear when I told her she needs to put down the new remote and use the old one if she wanted to watch PBS. However, she decided she could do it with the converter remote anyway. She turned on the TV, left the receiver off as she should, then tried turning on the PBS channel with that remote. Because that remote doesn't work with the TV it was still on channel 3 and she insisted that she doesn't get any channels at all any more on her TV. She ended up pressing so many buttons to try to get the TV to work that she deprogrammed the code for the TV power button.

While over there today, I fixed the problems, showed her how to get PBS to work, and wrote down all the instructions. So a few minutes ago she called and wanted to now why she only gets channel 3, but there are so many different "channel 3s".

I give up...LOL!!


Sue said...

Oh dear! My brother is going through the same sort of thing with my parents! OYE!

carolynn said...