Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Answer

The answer to Tuesday's question is New York Jets. Brett has been traded to the Jets! Boo Green Bay Packers management!


carolynn said...

I'm torn here....but I probably don't have all of the facts.

You know I'm a Favre fan. But if he said he was retiring, is it right for him to change his mind and the Packers toss aside what was his replacement qb? I guess it's a moral thing with me...but football IS A BUSINESS. I get that.

I know you have more info than I, so fill me in, LOL.

And do you think this was a good decision for him? To come back, want his position? Or to go to another team? Will it tarnish his reputation?

Penny said...

Since the day Ted Thompson took the GM position with the Packers it has seemed as if he didn't want Favre there.

Popular thought around here is that they rushed Favre into making a decision he wasn't ready to make. Then as the season drew near he realized he couldn't live with that decision. He contacted the Packers' about returning, and well, you probably know the rest.

I don't necessarily think either party is blameless, but I think this saga will tarnish the Packers more than it will Brett.

I wish they could have worked it out, but don't fault him for going to another team. He still has "it" and wants to play.

carolynn said...

Ok your first two paragraphs fill in the blanks for me. If that's the case, shame on the Packers....