Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'm a Klutz!

Last night while Bob, Olivia, & I were watching Hell's Kitchen, I was on the couch and got a little chilly because the air conditioning was on at the cool temps Bob likes. I tried pulling the quilt out from under me, but I couldn't pull it out. I shifted my body a bit and suddenly I was rolling off the love seat. Chevy was sleeping on the floor right next to the love seat, and I knew if I just rolled off I would likely hurt him. I tried catching myself so I wouldn't land on him. Well, it kind of worked. I landed on my hands & knees over Chevy, but instead of the palm of my left hand being on the floor, the top of my hand was on the floor. (You know fingers pointing toward the toes) Initially, I thought I might have broken something because the pain was so sudden and intense. I nearly fainted too! (Some of you know my family's fainting tendencies. I don't know if I have shared any of those stories here before. If not, I will another time.)

How do those BRATS, Bob & Olivia react? They LAUGH! Nice family, hey? LOL!! During the commotion of me flying to the floor and the thud of my landing that stinkin' dog never moved. Does he know the hurt from which I saved him?

I swear every joint on the left side of my body hurts today. Wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, & knee. Glass half full: at least my finger joints & ankle are OK. :D I'll be fine in a few days I am sure, and I can laugh about it now too. I am sure I looked hilarious.


carolynn said...


Glad you didn't break anything. And sometimes it is kinda' funny once it's over, isn't it? LOL

Penny said...

It's totally funny now that it's over. Even if my arm is still sore. I wish I could see it on video. Bob explains it as I pulled myself off the love seat using the "tablecloth" trick...LOL!!

carolynn said...


diane said...

Glad you can laugh about it now. LOL