Monday, June 16, 2008

That Roof Over Our Heads

Well, the time has come to gather quotes for a new roof on our house. Even if you are prepared for the cost (have it in savings), the numbers can be shocking! I am really excited to get this project behind us because I know it will make a HUGE difference in the look of our house!

Slowly, but surely we are getting those pesky home improvement projects off our list.


diane said...

When you own the to do list is never complete. We have lived in ours for 14 years and we keep losing shingles.

carolynn said...

surely you will post before and after shots? :)

The Goins said...

Hey Penny. Finally made it over here. I don't envy you the roof job; we roofed our last before we sold it. It seems that it is a never ending mess and we found roofing nails forever.