Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Not Hypo

Oops...saved as a draft instead of publishing this baby!

Well, all my blood work came back fine. My cholesterol wasn't just fine -- it was excellent! :) I credit that to eating whole grains & good fats! Thanks to learning South Beach Diet way of life! :)

I do not have hypothyroidism at the moment, but the doctor believes my body could be headed in that direction since my number was on lower side of the normal range. She will test again in a year. If I don't start feeling better and my metabolism doesn't speed up, she will refer me to an endocrinologist.

For now, she had a few suggestions for boosting my metabolism based on the food/work out journal I keep. She thought my caloric intake was a little low for the amount of activity so she suggested I raised my caloric intake about 100-150 calories. She also suggested adding one more strength training workout to my week. I am going to make those changes and see how it goes!

Anyone know of other ways to boost a slow metabolism?


carolynn said...

Although I can't add, I will say I totally agree that boosting the calories with the weight training will def rev up the metabolism.

I'm glad you weren't diagnosed, but I know it's still frustrating!


diane said...

Thankful your report was a good one.