Monday, May 05, 2008

Tremendous Tunes :)

Time to tell you what newer music I am listening too and LOVING...

I have heard Panic at the Disco's CD called Beatlesque and would have to agree on a few of the songs. It's a fun one! :)

For quite sometime before Spirit was available in the US, I was loving the song Bleeding Love and was going back & forth on whether I should purchase just the song from iTunes or the CD from a store. (I like to have the "stuff" so I purchase the CD rather than purchasing/downloading it from iTunes.) After she was on American Idol, Bob said he would like that CD. He didn't even know I had been trying to decide what to do. Scary hey? LOL!!

Anyway, I purchased it the day it was available in the US as a gift for Bob's birthday. I listened to it for the first time this morning and have been listening to it ever since. Hooray -- it wasn't like that Tim McGraw CD we bought a few years ago!! ;)

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carolynn said...

She has an amazing voice!