Monday, May 19, 2008

Shaping Up the Yard

The last couple days have been busy ones!!

mulch -- check
annuals for window boxes -- check
hanging baskets -- check

To Do:
put down mulch -- check
plant window boxes -- check
hang baskets -- check
put more sand under bricks to level sidewalk area -- check

I also began getting rid of some bushes in our front yard. I have hated those things since the day we moved in. I wanted to get rid of them, but Bob liked them so that took some convincing. That is until he realized he likes summer blooming things more than those things.

They had spread and grown so much that I had forgotten there were only three. I was thinking there were five of the large ones. One of them was massive. I also pulled out two other pine/evergreen bushes one was dead and the other was in an odd spot to leave. Once I get some muscle (Yoohoo -- Bob and Scott, Kevin, or Dale!) to dig out the roots from the three larger bushes, we will have a blank slate and begin planting some perennials. I can't wait!

Wow, I must have really hated those bushes. I cannot find a single picture of them unless they are covered with snow. My camera batteries are dead (again), but once they are charged, I take some pics.


carolynn said...

Outdoor planting! You know I LOVE that!!

I'm sure the perennials will look awesome!

diane said...

Sounds like you have been a busy beaver.