Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Spruce Up

I decided to do a little sprucing up around my blog today. I know it's the best spring or summer look, but I LOVE plaid and like the colors. Don't know how long I will keep it around, but it's here for now! :)

My new look actually reminds me of a Bob & Olivia go shopping story. It was either right before or right after Olivia's sixth birthday. Bob & Olivia were out running some errands. I think they had gotten an oil change on my car, and there is a Kohl's nearby the oil change place. Bob asked Olivia if she wanted to go shopping. (Silly question to ask a girl...LOL!!) They ended up shoe shopping for Olivia. Her tennis shoes were getting too small so Bob decided to help her find a new pair. He was thinking spring colors since the nice weather was just upon us. He was looking at different styles of white shoes with pink or purple on them. Much to Bob's dismay, Olivia fell in love with a pair of gray shoes with purple stripes. Olivia won and got the gray shoes, but for weeks when he would see her wearing them he would say, "nothing says spring like gray!!" Nine years later we all still say it.


carolynn said...

"nothing says spring like grey"..that's great!! LOL


Anonymous said...

I really like your new look. Happy Spring!