Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

I am going to try to live more green this spring/summer by:
  • riding my bike to the grocery store for small trips. I am going to get a basket to make the ride home easier. :)
  • visiting the local farmers market to purchase our produce and other products they have for sale there.
  • drinking fewer cans of Diet Pepsi & more water, but the water will be in a glass rather than a plastic bottle.
  • planting plants native to our area in our yard.
This is in addition to what I do already. I know I could do A LOT more, but I try to live a little green. It's hard with an anti-green husband. My friend, Erin, is a big time green girl. She & Bob joke that he goes the house turning lights on and running water...LOL!!

How have you "greened" your life?


Martha said...

Hi Pen!!!!

I haven't checked in with you for a while so I'm going to get caught up with ya.

I want to do the bike-thing for small grocery errands, too! I need to get a basket. Did you get the one you linked to?

I'm trying really hard not make unnecessary car trips. I'm trying to get 2 weeks out of 1 tank of gas.

I'm still doing pretty well with my reusable shopping bags, though I forget them once in a while!

Hope you're doing well!

carolynn said...

Great ideas!