Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Snow

The first full day of spring has brought us what will most likely be our largest snowfall of the year. We are expecting up to 18 inches. The totals keep going up -- YIKES!! It's been snowing since around 6AM, and by noon totals were already near six inches!

My mom left with Olivia & my niece, Samantha, last night for Mississippi. She was planning on leaving this morning, but decided to get out of town before the snow. It's a good thing they did.

Our friend, Kevin, was supposed to fly back from Kansas City this afternoon, but since the airport has been closed since around 9AM he is stuck in KC for the night. (Hope you make it home in time for the Bucks' game tomorrow night, Kev. It's going to be a blast even if they stink! LOL!)

Updating at 6:20 PM: We are up to 12.6 inches with at least 4 more hours of snowfall to come.

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carolynn said...

This is unbelievable, Pen!!!