Monday, March 24, 2008

So Sorry, Kev

Our friend, Kevin, did end up stuck in KC for an extra 24 hours due to the storm on Friday.

A few hours after he got home he found out his 14-year-old nephew had passed away. His nephew was autistic and had issues with seizures most of his life. He had numerous surgeries and tried many medications to control the seizures. Recently, they had been under control -- until Friday night while he slept. The medical examiner said he probably had the seizure around midnight -- shortly after mom & dad had checked on him before turning into bed themselves.

Please keep his family in your prayers. As you can imagine with a death so sudden and unexpected, they are taking this really hard. Pray memories of their time spent together will comfort them in this very difficult time.

Kev...we are here for you if you or your family need anything! Love you, buddy! :)


carolynn said...

Unexpected deaths are the hardest to deal with. And it was a child. How heart breaking. My prayers are with the family.

Makita said...

I'm so sorry. My thought are with their family.

Diane said...

So sorry about this tragic news. I can't imagine losing one of my girls. Praying for this family.

sobeit said...

So sorry for this family! Prayer will guide them!


Penny said...

I thank you all for your thoughts & prayers. Young Jacob's funeral and celebration of life service are tomorrow. No doubt it will be a tough day for his family.

Kevin is one of guys who goes to Vegas with Bob. They are leaving Friday morning and will return Tuesday. I am sure getting away will do him some good.