Thursday, March 27, 2008

Packed & Ready to Go

Bob is leaving tomorrow morning for a guys trip to Vegas. I have his bag all packed and ready to go. I get nearly two days to myself since Olivia is still in Mississippi with my mom! I won't know what to do with all my free time...LOL!! :)


keeper of the chocolates said...

wow, how did you get so lucky?? i wanna be you this weekend. sleep in, watch all the chick flicks you possibly can and have wine with chocolate! oh, and long hot bubble baths :) have fun!

carolynn said...

I'm trying to get Frank to take a trip soon with the girls to go see grandma! LOL

And let me also say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PEN!!!!

Penny said...

LOL...C! I enjoy the time to myself. It's like a vacation for me. Bob just doesn't understand. He kept saying he felt bad he was leaving me home alone. I kept telling him don't, but he wouldn't listen...LOL!

Thanks for the happy birthday! :)

Makita said...

I just returned from Vegas! (DH had a business trip and tagged along.) :D