Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Our Groundhog is Crazy

Crazy or just wrong!! Our area groundhog, Winnie, "said" it would be an early spring.

We are approximately where the star (red dot) is on the map.

We are used to big storms, but not this big. It is not unusual for us to get just under a foot of snow during one storm, but conditions are perfect for us to get much higher totals this time. I am lovin' it.

No school for Olivia; no work for Bob! The malls are even closed -- it's got to be bad if they are closing malls! A recent check of the closings section of my favorite local news channel's website shows over 900 closings. The most I ever remember is around 400.

By the way, the little thunderstorm clouds mean we may be getting thundersnow!


chocolate girl said...

i couldn't agree with you more..i love cold and stormy weather when we all get to be cozy together and safe at home :)

Carolynn said...

Did our groundhogs switch places? He saw the shadow and it was 68-70 degrees the last two days.

Oh, you KNOW I want that snow!!

And I still have never seen thundersnow :(