Monday, February 11, 2008

Menu Plan Monday #9

February 11 - February 17, 2008

Monday: Salads (sounds like a summer meal, but I just don't feel like cooking & am craving some feta, walnuts, and raspberry vinaigrette. I may even toss on some chicken.)

Tuesday: Chicken stir-fry

Wednesday: Pork chops, cauliflower, green beans

Thursday: Stuffed meatloaf (leaving out salami to keep fat content down), brown rice, and broccoli (Yep, it's here again. Maybe one of these weeks I will really make it...LOL!)

Friday: Cheese quesadillas

Saturday: Dine Out

Sunday: Leftovers or sandwiches


Carolynn said...

I knew I had seen the stuffed meatloaf before, LOL

diane said...

I saw the stuf meatloaf, but I have never eaten it.