Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Farlo Funzionare

Italian for make it work!

Those of you who are Project Runway fans know that line is used often on the show. I recently discovered you can purchase t-shirts designed by your favorite Project Runway designers. (Don't know where I have been...LOL!) It just so happens that my favorite t-shirt was also designed by my favorite PR designer!

designed by Season 4's Kevin (my favorite)

Runway fans: Who are your favorites?


Carolynn said...

I'm off to look....had no idea they existed!!

chocolate girl said...

oh...very cool, i must be under a rock because i had no idea about this...:) ty for sharing...how is the tornado watch? i hope you are safe!!

Carolynn said...

I can't tell what Santino's design actually is. Can you?

Penny said...

I couldn't, but did a little "creative" Google & found a better picture. Send it to you! :)

giozambrotta said...

Unfortunately, "farlo funzionare" doesnt mean "Make it work!". It means.. "to make it work". So, the impact is lost. He didnt conjugate is verb.

"Fatelo funzionare!" o " Falo funzionare!"

Anyway, italians will look at this shirt and just giggle anyway...But, if you go to Italy and see their shirts with english words... you'd laugh too. They never make any sense.