Friday, December 21, 2007

Frenchy Bag: Pic & Grade

I'm so proud of Olivia! She got her graded purse back today! Her teacher wrote "very impressive work" on her project evaluation sheet. Olivia scored 98 out of 100 possible points. She lost a point each on cut edges lined up & notches, seams and other markings lined up. I suspect that is because of the one tiny spot on the side seam where the red contrasting band & the main panel don't line up perfectly, but heck I have seen worse in ready made items.

Here's a crop of the fabric so you can see the cute little buttons & dots. The lining is the opposite of the button fabric.

Not bad for a first timer, hey?


Martha said...


I'm totally impressed! I'm a disaster with a needle and thread.

Go Olivia!!


stacysews said...

It's so cute! She did a fantastic job - tell her to keep up the good work!

Carolynn said...

Wow, very impressive work!!

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was in my School Home Economics class, we had to sew a purse. Remember those button on bags with wooden handles?

Then we made a shirt.

Then they wanted us to sew PANTS. True confession---I threw the fabric away, told my teacher I lost it and my parents couldn't afford to replace it. OOPS.

Penny said...

Olivia thanks you all for your nice comments.

LOL..Carolynn! Sounds like you were a sassy little girl! :) I remember those purses with the button handles. I had one & loved it!