Monday, December 10, 2007

Answered Prayers

Our family is extremely thankful for your prayers. The SSA approved my dad's disibility! It's still going to be tight for a little while, but at least they will have some income.

Physically, my dad is doing well and continues to improve. Today was his last cardiac rehab session. He received a diploma that he now wants to frame and hang on the wall in his rec room. What a goof ball! :)


Carolynn said...

Thank the Lord!

And I love that he wants to frame his diploma!!

diane said...

That is great!! Those are wonderful gifts here at Christmas. Prayer will take care of all things. Thank you Lord, for answered prayers. I am so happy for your family, Penny.

chocolate girl said...

Penny, this is such good news. it is always so awesome to hear when God answers prayers :)...{which He always does}.