Monday, November 19, 2007

Prayers for Aubrie

Please say a little prayer for my cousin, his wife and their newborn daughter.

Aubrie was born Thursday afternoon and went home Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning when my cousin's wife went in for Aubrie's 3AM feeding, she found her blue & not breathing. My cousin's wife did CPR until the paramedics arrived, and they were able to get her breathing again. Aubrie is now at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. The doctors have done many tests, but are still uncertain of the cause. She is doing OK last I heard late this morning, but will remain in the hospital for at least the next 48 hours.


chocolate girl said...

oh penny, i am so sorry that your family is going thru is just so heartbreaking to hear this...a sweet little one having breathing issues is so hard. our sweet little emma had some problems in the beginning and now she is just perfect. i will be praying for aubrie and i will tell my kids and hubby to pray as well.

hugs to you my friend during this time...

Mrs. Jones said...

I will pray for them. Your family has had too many trials this year.

Martha said...

Oh my gosh, Penny. How totally frightening. I can't imagine bringing her home after an episode like that.....even though I know they will give them a monitor.

Thank God she woke up for Aubrie's feeding instead of waiting for Aubrie to wake up.

Sincere wishes for a healthy Thanksgiving for you and your family, Penny!


diane said...

Goodness Penny, so sorry to hear about this precious one. I will be praying for the baby and the family. Glad the baby is doing better and hopefully they will find out the problem. Try to have a nice Thanksgiving with your family.


carolynn said...

Whew, how frightening. Praying all will be well!