Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Oh Boy!

Things here have been crazy since I was last here on Thursday! I ended up stay-in-bed-or-on-the-couch sick ALL day Friday & most of Saturday!

Of course, Sunday is football & race day! Woohoo; Packers baby! We're 7-1! I can't believe it and keep waiting for the bottom to fall out because aside from Brett (and my man Aaron Kampmann) we aren't that great. The next three weeks are kind of scary -- Minnesota, Detroit, and Dallas! I will be holding my breath all through those games...LOL!! The race didn't go so well!

Yesterday was another visit to the dentist. This time it is for that new crown I told you about a while back. The old crown is off, a temporary is in it's place, and the new crown order has been sent to the dental lab. I have to stop in there tomorrow for color match. Even the temporary is a HUGE improvement from the old crown.

Today was my day with grandma. She has been having some trouble with her right knee lately. She wasn't walking to well today so she wanted to cut the day short a bit. We went to her toe nail clipping apointment and the grocery stores. We had lunch at Culver's, and YES; I had frozen custard. ;) I needed, maybe even deserved, something soft & cold with all the dental work I have had done recently.

I have had a little time with all that going on to work a little on a quilt project and finally get all the wallpaper off the bathroom walls. WOOHOO! I will post some pics (and send some to you, C) once I have a sec after my camera batteries finish charging.

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carolynn said...

Sick Fri and Sat! On top of the tooth?!?! When it rains it pours.

Glad you are up and about now, and had grandma day, too!

Oh yes, you KNOW I am waiting for those pics!!!!