Thursday, October 18, 2007


I had a wisdom tooth pulled this afternoon! Boy, am I hurting right now. The vicodin the oral surgeon prescribed doesn't seem to be helping the pain, but it sure is making me lightheaded/dizzy! I'm not liking the dental profession at the moment.

On the other hand, I am very excited about my next dental appointment. I know that sounds silly, but I will be getting a new crown on one of my front teeth. Yes, one of the ones made famous in the All I Want for Christmas! I think the dentist would call it #9!

When I was 8, I feel off my bike I didn't get my hands down quick enough to break my fall and ended up hitting my mouth on the road. I broke off part of my tooth. From that summer until I was 18 I had this horrible looking temporary cap. This cap broke a few years later, was discolored; and I was always so self conscious of it. The spring of my senior year it was time for it to be replaced. While I was thrilled with it at the time because it was such an improvement over the broken, yellowed temporary one it replaced, it just never looked "good". Some of that is the products that were available at the time, but some of it was the skill of the dentist making the molds & doing the color matching. This one never made me as uncomfortable as the temporary, but it wasn't anything to brag about either.

On November 5, I go in for the prep work for that new crown. On November 19, it will be installed. I know it won't be "my" tooth, but I know it will be a big improvement on what I have now! So bring on Dr. Grant! :)


Martha said...

Poor you!!

Stay aware of your pain - hopefully it won't be dry sockets. I had all of mine removed about 9-10 years ago and It went great!

I hope you are feeling better and you have the same good luck I did :)


Diane said...

Ouch is right. My oldest daughter just had to have a wisdom tooth cut out and we are waiting on the other one to pop up so the dentist can go after that one. I don't have any wisdom. My have been gone for years. LOL

carolynn said...

HINT: Clove oil helps the pain.

I cringed reading about your bicycle wreck! EEK!!
You'll be so happy to have that fixed...although I've seen you face to face and never noticed a thing!