Monday, October 15, 2007

Menu Plan Monday #3

October 15 - October 21, 2007

Monday: Beef Burgundy, WW Egg Noodles, and Broccoli

Tuesday: Taco Casserole, Corn

Wednesday: Crockpot Lemon Pepper Chicken, Green Beans, and Spinach Salad

Thursday: Split Pea with Ham soup and rye bread

Friday: Quesdillas

Saturday: Dine out

Sunday: Leftovers and/or sandwiches


carolynn said...


still staring blankly in my pantry

Martha said...


We had beef stew last night, too!

I love your Meal me inspiration. There's nothing I hate more than cooking for my family. Sad, huh? But the Noodle is soooooo picky that I get sick of the whining at meal time.

Keep up those plans, baybee. It's totally helping me out!

chocolate girl said...

beef burgundy...! my favorite:) i have to work this into my week somehow..i am soooo craving this now!

Penny said...


I don't really like the everyday cooking for my family either. It does sound horrible when I read myself saying that, but I completely understand where you are coming from. I LOVE cooking for a holiday or a get together with family/friends. You just can't please everyone with the day to day meals.

In fact, I don't think I have followed my plan exactly as written in the three weeks I have been doing this. Sometimes life just gets in the way of those plans. This week the grocery store got in the way. No whole chickens! What kind of grocery store doesn't carry whole chickens?

Penny said...

Shelbi...The beef burgundy turned out awesome! Would you believe I had never had it before?