Monday, October 08, 2007

Menu Plan Monday #2

A couple of the meals planned for last week got moved to this week. I just didn't feel like baking a ham when our temps were in the mid to high 80s. The high temps are breaking right now. Tomorrow should bring perfect weather for using an oven.

October 8 - October 14, 2007

Monday: Leftovers from dining out over the weekend

Tuesday: Baked Ham, Buttered WW Egg Noodles, and Asparagus

Wednesday: Turkey Tenderloins, Green Beans, Salad

Thursday: Scalloped Potatoes & Ham, Peas, WW Rolls

Friday: Quesadillas

Saturday: Dine out

Sunday: Leftovers and/or sandwiches


carolynn said...

Saturday and Sunday are more realistic at my house! LOL

Penny said...

That's what happens when I don't plan. Even sometimes when I do. It's SO hard to have a normal meal with the hours Bob works.