Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dry Socket Sucks!

As you know, I had my wisdom tooth extracted on Thursday afternoon. All the healing was going really well. I had very little pain. The vicodin was a bit strong for me so I stopped taking it, but I was able to manage that pain with Aleve every 4-6 hours. Sunday evening the pain suddenly became unbearable. I did take the vicodin since I was just going to bed. (I cannot tolerate the stuff.) When I woke up yesterday, it seemed slightly better so I did not call the oral surgeon. Well, late last night I woke up with that pain again. It is still here this morning and is shooting up my face, down my jawline, and into my neck. I called the clinic where I had my surgery. Unfortunatly, there is not a dentist in until tomorrow morning. I took a bright & early 8AM appointment.

A warm salt water rinse brings relief for a short time, the Aleve does nothing, and I won't take the vicodin unless it's bed time because I can't function. I need to be able to pick Olivia up from school. Then I may take one and head to bed. So much for working on quilts and the bathroom today! Grrrr!


awannabe said...

I love your layout.

Hmmm... how long does dry socket last? Is it permanent? I had a total of 7 teeth pulled the day I had my wisdom teeth done... recovery went well other then having a swollen face.

Hope you feel better son.

Penny said...

awannabe...Thank you!

Dry socket isn't permanent. From what I read the pain lasts about 7 days. However, a five minute visit with your oral surgeon will provide immediate relief. That's why I opted for an as early as possible appointment.

carolynn said...

Frank had it a year ago. The pain is very bad, but once you get in that chair, they'll pack you.

So sorry--I know you are really suffering.

Diane said...

Sorry you are have this problem. I have never had that experience. Hope you soon have some relief.

Lisa said...

hi i have dry socket right now its been almost a month now the pain was really bad at first in the socket and the pounding pain in the side of my head and ear, its painful i don't wish this on any one. you will get good days and bad days, as soon as the pain feels like its gonna go away it starts again a day later, some time the pain changes it will be a numbing pain in the face then its gonna be pressure in the side of your head radiating at your ear, you'll feel like you have a mild ear ache, some times its a pounding headach and its on the side of the face that you got the tooth pulled out! i had to take 2 weeks off work cause the pain was so bad!! i'm a very busy person, a mother, a wife, and i have to jobs, i have no time for this. i found taking advil liquid gels worked ok for me every 4 hours or so.i found laying down would help releive a bit of the pain cause its the nerves in the side of your head that pusle and theres pressure and it hurts, what bothered me the most was the pressure i would get on the side of the head, right where the temple is. the pain is really bad that not much you can do for it i had a freind who had the same thing a month before i did and he's just starting to get better, he coulden't sleep on the side thats the tooth was pulled out, he needed the socket packed evey 2 days, so did i for 2 weeks. i bought some clove oil with some gauze cause i'n from a small community and the dentist was out of town and i couldn't travel to the nearest dentist every other day it got to be to expensive, so i packed it my self. your best options are to see a dentist to pack it , the best part was he doesen't charge to pack it they know yourgoing through alot of pain and they want you to get better. well i hope this has helped a little, remember it takes time, try to be possitive eventhough it feels like forever, i'll keep you posted on my healing time, its gonna be a month in 5 days that i have dry socket i hope the pain will completely go away soon...they say when the hole of the dry socket closes up then your pain free. Lisa