Wednesday, October 03, 2007

At Risk of Sounding Like Al Gore...


I hate plastic bags! I mean I hate them with a passion not just because of how long they take to breakdown when the end up in landfills, but also for the way the multiply in my house. I read the the average family brings home 500 - 1,000 of these bags every year. I know most of mine end up in the trash which ends up in a landfill. Did you know those plastic bags do not biodegrade? They photodegrade which means they break down into tiny toxic pieces that can contaminate water & soil.

Given those reasons a couple weeks ago I decided I needed to find a new option. I ordered Envirosax. They are available to order individually or in a pouch. Ordering the pouch saves you a bit per bag plus gives you all the designs in the series you choose. The Envirosax roll up into an easy to keep with you size. When they are rolled up, they remind of me cute, little sleeping!

They arrived yesterday, I used them today, and I LOVE them. Bye bye plastic bags!

Those compact fluorescent light bulbs are another story. I hate 'em, but I am giving one a chance! Just one though!


chocolate girl said...

ok. penny, LOL! great minds think alike! i just today joined this awesome group on flickr,

you design and sew your own bags...and share with the group. of course, i have to dust off the old sewing machine...but i love this idea. the only draw back for me, i will have to sew about 10 of these for one shopping trip! how i wish my grocery store trips were a simple 'one bag' experience!

Penny said...

That sounds like a fun group!

The Enivrosax probably hold twice as much as one of the plastic bags. I bought 20 cans of tomato sauce/paste, 2 jars of peanut butter, and a bottle of liquid laundry soap. (Aren't you glad I didn't say mushy? LOL) I could have fit it all in one bag, but spilt it up between two so it wouldn't be so heavy.

carolynn said...

Nice bags, I agree!

The compact fluorescents...we tried them over a year ago. Bought them for the entire house. The fact that you don't get an "instant on" when you hit a switch was something I didn't like, and stopped using them. (Hard core greenies will not think this is a good excuse, LOL)
Have they made an efficient bulb yet that is "instant on" like our standard bulbs?

Penny said...

Nope, they're still not "instant on". That's just part of what I hate about them. I need to see more improvement before I make the switch.

Martha said...


I like those bags, Penny! I think I might just try them!

And on the compact flourescent bulbs....I just hate that blue color they give I haven't revisited using them yet. Do you know if anyone has fixed this problem? I've put them in the basement, but that color makes me feel funky, so I haven't been able to put them in the rest of the house yet.

How's your daddy doing?