Thursday, September 27, 2007

Project Runway Countdown Begins

I just read the "official" word that Project Runway's fourth season will begin on November 14. I am SO excited, and will be counting the days! :) Here are the names of the 15 designers who will be competing this season:

- Carmen, 37: Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina; Resides in New York
- Chris, 44: Hometown: San Francisco; Resides in New York
- Christian, 21: Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland; Resides in New York
- Elisa, 42: Hometown: El Paso, Texas; Resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico
- Jack, 38: Hometown: Seattle; Resides in New York
- Jillian, 26: Hometown/Resides In: Long Island, New York
- Kevin, 30: Hometown: Fairfield, New Jersey; Resides in New York
- Kit, 26: Hometown/Resides in: Los Angeles
- Marion, 39: Hometown: Tyler, Texas; Resides in Dallas
- Rami, 31: Hometown: Ramallah, Jerusalem; Resides in Los Angeles
- Ricky, 35: Hometown: Escondido, California; Resides in New York
- Simone, 32: Hometown: San Francisco; Resides in Los Angeles
- Steven, 30: Hometown/Resides in: Chicago
- Sweet P, 46: Hometown: Los Angeles: Resides in Glendale, California
- Victorya, 34: Hometown: Winchester, Virginia; Resides in New York

Anyone else as excited about this as I am? Bring it on!


chocolate girl said...

i have seen this show a few times. it is very addicting! i have to admit, i try very hard not to get to addicted to a show...but try as i might..i just couldn't resist the woes of greys anatomy. did you see it last night? what did you think?

carolynn said...

Already set my DVR!
I love this show....and I LOVE to listen to Tim Gunn talk. Crazy, huh? LOL
Have you seen his new show?

Penny said...

LOL...Shelbi! I try to avoid TV show addictions as well, but at times I am unsuccessful. Grey's is a time I was successful. I don't watch it!

C...I haven't seen Tim's new show, but I love his Macy's commercial with Martha & her daughter.

carolynn said...

Oh, yeah...that is hilarious!
"I love hats!"

chocolate girl said...

carolynn, i too love to listen to tim talk! what is up with that? i can listen to him all day. lovely lovely man he is.