Monday, September 10, 2007

It Works for Us

A few months ago we decided it was time for Olivia to have more responsibility when it comes to chores around the house. At 14, she is old enough that I shouldn't have to do it all. I wanted to come up with a list. Not necessarily just for Olivia's chores, but some sort of checklist that either one of us could follow. That was when I decided to give a try. Yes, I paid for their printable chore planner. It was $8, but it is some of the best money I have ever spent. (If you want to give it a try, it's only $4 now!)

I changed the format and adapted the list for our family/home. Guess what -- it works! Olivia did the some of the chores on the list, and there was very little reminding that she needed to work on a few things on the list through out the day.

I am a big fan of to do lists and love seeing things crossed off so we will continue to use it during the school year. However, Olivia isn't expected to complete as many of those things during the week.


Jenny McB said...

Lists work with kids because the chore becomes real.

Reminds me of the time when we had a camper and it was me and 5 kids ( my three and niece and nephew) They were driving me crazy, so I wrote up a list of 10 things that needed to get done before I would take them to the beach. Told them I was going for a walk and it was up to them to decide how stuff would get done. It worked great!

Glad you found a way to get Olivia involved.

carolynn said...

You know I'm a list maker too! (And remember FlyLady? LOL)

I'll check this one out!

chocolate girl said...

wow...i need to get over there...thanks for the tip..i was wondering about them. i love lists. i always make them up and then forget where i put them...(does that mean i am beyond hope?)

Pen said...

Jen...Five kids and a camper. All I can think of to say is YIKES!

C...Oh yes, I remember FlyLady! I still don't get dress to my shoes. I can't clean in my clothes. It's always been done in my PJs and it will continue to be done in my PJs! :)

Shelbi...LOL! You are not beyond hope! I just have a dedicated spot for the list. Someone moves it there is a price to pay! ;)

Mrs. Jones said...

I got the same planner. I just love it. I love to have a clean house, but I just am incapable of getting it together without a little help. I should make one for my kids, too. Great idea!