Monday, September 24, 2007

Fun Weekend!

Saturday morning Olivia & I dropped Bob off at the airport. He headed off to Las Vegas with three of our friends for a guys weekend. I have heard from him a few times & they are having a GREAT time.

Olivia & I hit the mall for some shopping fun and then a local restaurant for lunch. We had a great time, but she was anxious to get home and head over to a friend's house for a bonfire and some girlie fun!

That evening Erin & I went to The Melting Pot (a fondue restaurant) for a girls night out. It was so much fun & man was it a lot of food! It was SO good! I thought fondue went out of style in the 70s. Who knew it was still around and so!! If you ever have a chance to go to The Melting Pot, jump at the chance. Just be sure you have a lot of time as it isn't a fast meal by any means.


carolynn said...

Sounds like you both had a good time!

chocolate girl said...

i am dying to go to the melting pot!