Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Autumn is Coming

Even though our temps are WAY above normal for the this time of year I know the cooler weather is coming. We had a taste of it last week, but it warmed up into the upper 80s & low 90s the last two days.

Instead of being outside working on the yard like I should be, I spent the day organizing our linen closet. I love to clean and organize this time of year. We spend so much more time in the house and/or at home in the cooler months. I like starting that time out with things neatly in their places. It may sound crazy, but I find comfort in having the things around me organized.

The master bedroom closet is next on my to be organized list. That is going to be a chore because I need to get a lot of clothing out of there that we don't wear anymore. A trip to the Goodwill is in my future. I won't be working on that until later next month. ;)

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carolynn said...

Kindred spirits, you and I...