Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #25

My favorite summer treat is frozen custard. So in honor of the first day of summer, I bring you a list of my favorite frozen custard flavors. Even though some of the flavors are pretty self explanatory, I am including the description to tempt your taste buds! These descriptions come from the website of our favorite frozen custard stops. Visit to see if there is one near you.

I haven't had any in so long because it is high in fat, calories, sugar, etc. All things! I am pretty sure I will be having a small dish very shortly after the triathlon! ;)

ETA: Don't think gross when you read frozen custard! It is not the stuff used to fill donuts! The difference between frozen custard and ice cream is that frozen custard is made with the addition of eggs. It is slow-mixed rather than whipped with air like ice cream. Then it is frozen. The result is a thick creamy frozen treat you will love. It is also served at a higher temp than ice cream and you can really taste that rich creamy flavor.

My Thirteen Favorite Frozen Custard Flavors

1. Apple Pie -- creamy vanilla custard and pie crust pieces with cinnamon apple chunks.

2. Butter Brickle -- specially blended butter pecan custard enhanced with all-time favorite chewy chunks of Heath Bar.

3. Butter Pecan -- specially blended butter pecan with way too many toasted pecan pieces.

4. Caramel Cashew -- legendary vanilla custard swirled with streams of sweet caramel and loaded with lightly salted cashews.

5. Cookie Dough Craving -- rich chocolate and vanilla custard swirled with cookie dough pieces.

6. Double Strawberry -- fresh strawberry custard swirled with sweet plump strawberries.

7. Just Drummy -- fresh vanilla custard loaded with Spanish peanuts and waffle cone pieces, then splashed with brittled chocolate coating.

8. Orange Creamsicle -- a dreamy blend of refreshing orange custard with real cheesecake pieces and Bavarian cream twirled throughout.

9. Red Raspberry -- a zesty tasting raspberry custard finished with whole sweet raspberries.

10. Star-Spangled Berries -- fresh vanilla custard with real strawberries and blueberries.

11. Take 5 -- pretzel, chocolate, peanut butter, caramel and peanuts blended with vanilla custard and ribbons of rich caramel.

12. Turtle -- velvety smooth vanilla custard and swirl in streams of sweet caramel, brittled chocolate coating and pecan pieces.

13. Turtle Cheesecake -- cheesecake custard swirled with caramel, bits of milk chocolate, toasted pecans and pieces of rich cheesecake.

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FRIGGA said...

I'm sorry, but I find that gross. Frozen custard?
Oh well, to each her own.

If you have time I posted my TT13, this week it's . 13 All or Nothing Q's.

Melina said...

MMMM yummy sounds good.

I also posted a TT about 13 places I would like to visit.

Jess said...

Oh my...I heart frozen custard. And butter pecan? Heavenly!

Thank you for stopping by my TT! And your flower pictures are lovely :)

Pen said...

LOL...frigga! I can assure you frozen custard is not gross. It is ice cream's grown up rich cousin! :)

Lori said...

Yummmmmmmmmmm, now Im hungry!

Dana said...

Sadly, I have never had frozen custard but from your desciption I may have to find some. Sounds yummy!

Kris :) said...

My question is, why are these frozen custard stores not in the South where I am? If it's even colder than ice cream, maybe it won't melt as quickly in the Georgia heat! :)

Pen said...

kris...It's served warmer than ice cream, but still frozen. I don't know why, but it is a very regional food. I am sure the way people move around these days I will make an appearance near you sometime.

impworks said...

Food seems to be one of the topics that binds TTers together like few other subjects and yours sounded really tasty

JAM said...

I've never had frozen custard, but the apple pie, cookie dough, and butter pecan ones sound great.

I'm glad you mentioned that it's not the stuff they put in donuts, I'm not crazy about that.

Jenny McB said...

They all sound good to me and I can't believe that there is something that sweet and good out there that I haven't had yet. I am going to have to keep an eye out for this.

My family is so boring when it comes to ice cream, chocolate, vanilla and cookie dough, whereas I love butter pecan and that turtle one looks good too.

Madame Rubies said...

I always get a Peanut Butter Marshmellow Concrete

Anonymous said...

Turtle Cheesecake sounds YUMMY! I haven't seen frozen custard in L.A....I used to get it when I was in WV. YUM!

palmtreefanatic said...

mmmmm, i like em all! nice post! happy TT!

Cindy Swanson said...

Penny, Penny, Penny! Did you have to do this to me? I'm getting the pre-lunch hunger jitters, and now I have visions of frozen custard floating around in my head! :)

And those of you that think frozen custard sounds gross, obviously you don't liver near a Culver's. It's a lot like ice cream, only smoother and creamier. Yummm!

Penny, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!

carolynn said...

Very interesting combinations in that list!

"ice cream's grown up rich cousin!"