Friday, June 15, 2007

My DOH! Moment

I had one of those moments today! A little over a year ago I got a new cell phone. A Razr (pink, of course). Until today I didn't know how to turn it to speaker phone. Bob called while I was in the grocery store, and I accidentally hit a button that put his call on speaker phone. I could not figure out how to turn it off. I thought when I disconnected the call it would, but no. I fiddled with it for a little bit, but ended up abandoning my cart to go outside to call him back. It was a short phone call and luckily no one took my cart thinking they had to put it away! I had to pull out my book to figure it out, but now that I know how it works I might actually use it! :)

When was your last DOH! moment?


Jenny McB said...

This past Friday when we were golfing, I was playing with the same ball up until I hit it into a pond on the 6 th hole. I had to put another ball down to play it. I messed up on that shot and walked 8 ft over to that ball, looked down and said, "that's not my ball". My friend said, what are you talking about? I told her that mine had my initials on it...she said, you mean the one in the pond? Oops, forgot about that shot...a blonde moment for me.
I have a razr with a musical ringtone. Usually when it rings, I am looking around trying to figure out where the music is coming from.

Pen said...

Cute golf story! If I golfed and had balls with initials on them, they would all end up in the pond or some place I couldn't get it back. LOL!!

I have done that with ringtones as well! DOH for sure! :)

carolynn said...