Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Tri Progress

Things just got really busy on the fundraising front! The friend I am doing the triathlon with works at our favorite local grill & bar. It is owned by her parents. I met her there Tuesday afternoon to cut out 200 card stock pink ribbons. She came up with the design, and they look GREAT! Yesterday, I ran (not literally the signs I made up over there to "advertise" our efforts!

My sign!

I finished up my fundraising letters yesterday and they are going out today. I am at $285 right now and hope to break the $500 mark before the end of June!

As for the training for the week, I am slightly behind with running & swimming. Memorial Day along with a daughter who can't seem to get the concept of bringing her dirty clothes down to the hamper got me off track.

Totals so far:

Mon: 25 minute run
Tue: 85 minute bike (that was 17 miles to & from the restaurant where we cut out the ribbons)
Thu: 30 minute swim
Total: 140

Remaining training for the week (day I plan to get it in): 35 min run (Fri), 25 min swim (Sat), & 20 min run. The total training time for the week is schedule to be 205 minutes. If I get all this in my time will be 220 minutes. I thought I was going to be behind with all the extra stuff I had this week. It's good to know I am ahead of schedule. Next week's 245 minutes is going to be tough, but then it begins to taper off as the event approaches.


carolynn said...

Love the sign design!

Pen said...

Thank you, Carolynn!