Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Elizabeth Edwards' Oprah Appearance

I knew a little about this family prior to today. Most of it from the 2004 election campaign. Politics had nothing to do with why I was interested in seeing Elizabeth on Oprah today. I like stories about how people deal with tough times in their lives and use what they have been through to help others deal with the same or similar tough times.

Listening to this woman speak about the unexpected death of her son tore my heart out. I cannot imagine the pain of having to bury a child. She also spoke a little bit about breast cancer. About when she found the lump, the importance of mammograms, and her diagnosis and treatment. I thought the whole show should have been about the Edwards, but unfortunately it was not. Guess the appearance on Oprah did its I am going out to pick up Saving Graces tomorrow.


carolynn said...

I'm the same way with Oprah. In recent years, I think she fancies herself to be the expert on ALL things.

I did watch this one, and it was very good.

Pen said...

Have you ever already used a product that Oprah named one of her "favorites" and then try to find it in the store when you run out? Grrrr! I swear some people can't make up their own minds about what they like.

carolynn said...

YES! That's their mindset---"If it's good enough for Oprah, I want it!"