Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Don't Forget

Set your TiVo (DVR) to record Dancing with the Stars! *snicker* Looking forward to seeing Emmitt's moves and Tony!

One of this season's new professional dancers grew up not far from where we live. Meet Jesse DeSoto.


carolynn said...

Emmitt rocked! I dialed in all eleven times to vote for him. He's a football man, so I'd love to see him in the top four, regardless.

Mario is very good, isn't he? And those dimples!

I want a man to win again. I think it's more of a challenge for them.

That reality show star and former Miss USA or whoever....I'll pass. LOL

Tucker made me smile!

Pen said...

Emmitt did rock! Mario is good too! Tucker made me smile and laugh. Bruno's sitting on the toilet comment. HILARIOUS!!

I didn't care for Shanna either. Who the heck is that Willa? LOL!! I thought Vivica was pretty good, but did they put her in a dyed Tia costume from last season?

carolynn said...

Willa. A pop star? I had never heard of her!

Jerry Springer did better than I expected, too!

Diane said...

Jerry Springer did surprise me. Guess maybe you don't get too old for some things. LOL