Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Home Again

Sama's funeral was wonderful*. It was small, but that was what Sama wanted. Just family and a few people from the church.

When Sama moved to Arizona with Bob's parents, she left the home she had lived in since she was just 4 years old. Can you imagine living in the same house for 87 years? When Sama's health declined, she said over and over she wanted to go home -- home to Wisconsin. This made the message at the service about going home even more touching.

The funeral procession drove past and slowed in front of the home the home where she lived 87 years. She is now home with those who have gone before her and more importantly The Lord.

*I know it sounds silly to say a funeral was wonderul, but it really was!


carolynn said...

I agree that a funeral can be wonderful. If someone has lived a full life, passed peacefully, and if you believe in an afterlife with God, it can bring great peace.

I love that they slowed in front of her house!

Pen said...

Don't know if she would have liked the beer cans sitting on "her" window sill in the living room...lol!!

carolynn said...